Judith is a natural healer, qualified massage therapist and meditation and vocal confidence coach.

I have been practicing as a mobile massage therapist and healer since 2006.  Since 2008, as a further exploration of voice and healing I have been working with sound healing and meditation.

Experiencing personal benefits from receiving sound healing, I expanded this and incorporated sound into my massage and created ‘combined healing’ treatments, with wonderful results. I work intuitively combining Earth-light Reiki with my sound healing (me sounding on and around your body) with and massage or positive touch - whatever is required.

"The sounding was extremely powerful...the sound vibration literally massaging areas of holding...I am now a convert to the power of sound vibration"

I wanted to share the ease and power of sound, so started running a Sound Circle Meditation group. This is a great introduction, or ‘way-in’ to meditation for those who find it challenging as well as a fabulous & freeing exploration of the voice for those who have some experience of working with sound."Amazing. Walked out with a spring in my step. Cleansing, empowering, fun, expressive, nurturing."

On my journey so far, I have also worked with sound healer & voice coach Stewart Pearce (completing all 12 elements of The Alchemy of Voice course and helping facilitate another.)

In 2013 I spent a week in the Amazon on a healing retreat which included developing and exploring my sound healing with wonderful shaman Elisa Varda.

Classically trained as an actress, the voice is a key part of my innate understanding of how we communicate and the importance of finding your own voice is key to the vocal confidence training I provide: I combine my healing and performance skills to deliver clear, sensitive and effective one-on-one training or group workshops, classes and talks on vocal confidence, positive touch and sonic meditation, about which I am passionate:

“An excellent vocal confidence coach, who approached the situation with tact, professionalism & humour, exactly what was required.”