Changes at the Yogi Tree

The Yogi Tree, as a venue is closing its doors, probably at the end of September.  Which sad and exciting at the same time as I am moving to a house with a garden – the sadness is that I can’t keep the space running as a studio.  

The idea and ethos behind the Yogi Tree was always about their being a community resource for people who live locally so I am really pleased that the site will branch out and become a connection point for where the Yogi Tree teachers are teaching now and where you can find classes, teachers, events and like-minded therapists in the South East (Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton, Woolwich, Ladywell, Brockely, Lewisham etc.) and be hosted and run by the lovely Lisa Kaley-Isley who will also finally start to store her wonderful weekly emails and a couple of articles that she’s been commissioned to write. 

I know many people have asked about where the mats, bolsters etc. came from everything at the Yogi Tree already has a designated new home but I’ve listed the stockist for the mats and bolsters if you’d like your own.

Thank-you to everyone who has practiced at the studio; I hope you all got something from your practice and continue in other venues and hopefully I’ll see many of you on a mat, somewhere else soon.