Upcoming workshops

That inner timing born of repeated experience tells us it is the season for returning to school.  I am.  One of the best parts of teaching workshops is being a student myself in the run up days of preparation.  I immerse myself in books, ideas, and practice in the weeks before so I can stand ready on the day to share from a place of abundance. 

I’m offering a 3-day workshop on Yoga for Emotional Trauma and Eating Disorders Friday - Sunday 7 - 9 September.  If you are interested - or know someone you think could benefit - here’s the link https://www.yogacampus.com/workshops/yoga-for-emotional-trauma-and-eating-disorders 

I’m offering my annual 2-day workshop titled Mental Health Basics for Yoga Teachers on Saturday - Sunday, 20 - 21 October.  We need this guidance.  People coming to our classes do, too.  We don’t get it on teaching training. I started this course because well over 50% of yoga teachers report feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, and those same greater than 50% rates apply to our students.  Again, for you or to share, here’s the link https://www.yogacampus.com/workshops/mental-health-basics-for-yoga-teachers