Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma course

The academic cycle literally continues for me as we prepare to welcome our 8th class of yoga therapy diploma students this October 2018.  The process of mutual selection by teacher and student has happened, and now we ready ourselves.  I am updating forms, reading materials, and home study assignments.  I am refining my intention by clearly stating aims and objectives for the various upcoming weekend modules. 

At the same time the WhatsApp group from our Japan Yoga Therapy conference remains abuzz.  This week was the 2nd yoga therapy conference in South Korea.  Over 800 people attended.  The conference speakers included members of our group who traveled again to Asia to both learn and share concepts and practices of yoga therapy. 


Upcoming workshops

That inner timing born of repeated experience tells us it is the season for returning to school.  I am.  One of the best parts of teaching workshops is being a student myself in the run up days of preparation.  I immerse myself in books, ideas, and practice in the weeks before so I can stand ready on the day to share from a place of abundance. 

I’m offering a 3-day workshop on Yoga for Emotional Trauma and Eating Disorders Friday - Sunday 7 - 9 September.  If you are interested - or know someone you think could benefit - here’s the link 

I’m offering my annual 2-day workshop titled Mental Health Basics for Yoga Teachers on Saturday - Sunday, 20 - 21 October.  We need this guidance.  People coming to our classes do, too.  We don’t get it on teaching training. I started this course because well over 50% of yoga teachers report feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, and those same greater than 50% rates apply to our students.  Again, for you or to share, here’s the link