Lisa’s approach to teaching the yoga that is right for you. Your yoga practice begins where you are each day. Lisa will guide you to listen to your body, breath and mind, and to move mindfully and harmoniously integrating these 3 aspects of yourself. You can exponentially increase the benefits of your practice by doing a practice that is right for you in the moment. To do so requires focusing your mind to be aware of sensation, aligning to move with your breath, and listening to what is right for you now. Making full use of the tools of yoga we will integrate asana, Pranayama, relaxation, meditation, mudra-s, bandha-s and nada (sound) to enhance your awareness and help you direct your energies where you need them. Practicing in this way, you can truly deepen your practice, grow your life, and reap the full benefits of yoga.

Lisa is an experienced Para Yoga teacher initiated into the Sri Vidya lineage and empowered to impart mantra and meditation practices by Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.  She is also a PhD Clinical Psychologist and American Viniyoga trained yoga therapist enabled to design personalized prescriptive practices for individuals.

Email: lisa@lifetreeyoga.co.uk

Phone: 07858 393811