18:30 to 19:45, MYCENAE HOUSE

All Levels Yoga

Lisa Kaley-Isley

This class is on Summer break, and will return 15th September!  Contact Lisa for more information.

This all levels class is for individuals who are newish to yoga and those who have been practicing for awhile.  The level of instruction and challenge is geared to the individuals who are present on the day, so you can gain maximal benefit and enjoyment from your practice.  Lisa's classes are a balanced mix of playful and mindful, energising and calming.  Lisa's approach is to assist you to be as fully and wholly present as you can be, so the time is really yours to move, breath, relax, and feel restored.  The classes are a mix of asana, pranayama (breathing practices), and relaxation. Lisa is a trained yoga therapist, so she can help you to adapt practices as needed to your particular condition by offering modifications and adaptions to make the practice right for you.  If you are looking for a regular, local, community class where you can unwind each week and walk away feeling stronger, more flexible, and more at ease, join us for a bit of Tuesday evening yoga fun.  It's a good reason to leave the office and take good care of you.